Six Stylish Looks Inspired by Brandy and Monica’s Classic Songs and Music Videos

Brandy and Monica fans everywhere (like myself) are anxiously anticipating the ultimate Verzuz battle royale happening today, August 31st, 2020. Each of these R&B/pop queens held their own during their prime and gave us hit after hit in the 90’s and 00’s. Along with classic songs, they gave us memorable music videos with worthy stylish looks to match. As their music evolved with each decade, so did their fashion sense. Both Brandy and Monica rocked looks to match their distinctive styles.

To celebrate the two divas, I reimagined six looks inspired by my favorite songs and videos from the singers. This is my interpretation of what outfits these ladies would be wearing in these videos had these songs been released today. Check out each of the looks below!

Inspiration: So Gone

Monica’s hit So Gone was the inspiration for this look. What says you’re completely over a toxic relationship more than stiletto boots, cut offs, and a Louis Vuitton bag!

Inspiration: Street Symphony

Street Symphony was video production that gave us glamour and street style. I thought a feather trim spaghetti strap top and skirt set would be the perfect recreation for the music video.

This look was inspired by Monica’s music video, First Night. This one shoulder top with khaki trousers and heels is reminiscent of the dance sequence where she and her back up dancer wore all wore white tops and khaki bottoms.

Inspiration:Sitting up in My Room

Brandy gave us look after look after look in the music video Sitting Up In My Room. Her leopard print number inspired this style recreation of her 90’s hit.

Inspiration: Full Moon

Brandy’s single, Full Moon, was a sultry single that inspired this outfit. I imagine that this structured cut-out tank top and maxi skirt would be fitting for the vibe of the song.

Inspiration: Talk About Our Love

The final look was inspired by Brandy’s first look in the music video Talk About Our Love. In the first scene, you see Brandy strutting in a beautiful multi printed midi dress, dangle statement earrings, and heels. I can definitely see this look for a video and song in 2020.

Sound off in the comments and let me know if you think these looks would actually work for these music videos if they were produced in 2020! Also, which queen are you rocking with for this epic Verzuz Battle?

Three Inspirational Looks and One Pair of Cat- Eye Frames

Statement frames are a sure-fire way to enhance even the simplest looks. If the look you’re going for is dressy or more casual, the perfect pair of sunglasses can take it to the next level. Below are three looks for separate occasions that all work with the Noisy May Cat eye sunglasses in white from ASOS. I also wore the same strappy clear heels with all three outfits.

For this look, I wore one of the lime green strapless dress from a previous Target collection featuring Carley Cushnie’s luxury ready-to-wear line, Cushnie. I kept accessories simple and wore these clear square sole heels.

For the second look, I wore high-waisted jeans, an orange bralette, and mint blazer. I accessorized this simple look with gold hoops.
For my third and final look, I wore a floral satin romper with puff sleeves and drape details in the front. I paired this look with the same clear strappy heels and statement cat-eye frames.

Now of course you can switch up shoes and accessories to create outfits such as these in your own way. These are just a few inspirational looks to show you how you can elevate three completely different looks with one bold accessory statement.

Five Inspirational Sneaker Looks that I Guarantee Will Make You Look Like a Top Notch Fashionista

Ladies, we love our heels! Wearing heels is the typical addition to your outfit that adds an appealing quality to our looks. While piecing together looks to go with that perfect pair of heels is the norm, we get inclined to explore more comfortable shoe options. Sneakers are a perfect shoe to opt for comfort and style. They don’t have to be solely be worn for work outs and lounge days.  They have become more of a “must-have” style option in recent years. The popularity of the sneaker for women is continuously on the rise.  Let’s take a look at 5 inspirational sneaker looks I’ve curated using Shop Look, that will have you looking and feeling fabulous! I’ll also show you some staple sneaker options you can add to your wardrobe. 

Look 1

Pair a blazer with a sexy bodycon or casual maxi dress. Accessorize with a trendy hat, cute bag and hoop earrings. Make it pop with a bold lip!


Look 2

For a chic, lounge look, throw on a pair of cute joggers with a pullover and baseball hat. Elevate this look with a faux fur coat and stylish accessories.

Look 3


Dress down a pleated skirt by pairing it with a graphic pullover and statement outerwear, like this puffer jacket. Complete the look by adding a cute bag and gold hoops. 


Look 4

You know I had to give you guys a wild card outfit! This monochrome look can be achieved by pairing your favorite jumpsuit with a trendy coat. Accessorize with a pair of frames and shoulder bag. 

Look 5

Take your favorite pair of distressed denim jeans and pair it with statement outerwear, like this leather jacket. Add a more dressy pair of earrings and statement glasses to elevate the look. 

Women wearing sneakers is a top trend at the moment. It doesn’t seem like this trend is slowing up in the fashion world anytime soon. So if you are more of sneaker girl, you can take your looks to another level by following my tips above. Take a look at these budget friendly sneaker styles below that you can add to your closet! 

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Leather Side Zip Chuck 70 ($100) from

Superstar Shoes ($120) from

Air Jordan 1 Mid Retro Basketball Shoes ($110) from

LQDCell Shatter XT Trail Women’s training Shoes ($100) from




What I wore: My New Year’s Eve Lewk

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the dress I wore on New Year’s Eve! So I’ve decided to share with you guys  the details on my look. This 80’s style, luxe pink and gold two toned dress is an original design from retailer, ASOS. What I absolutely adored about this dress was its structured, form fitting design and overall construction. The puff sleeves and structural sweetheart neck won me over.


The dress was a huge hit that night and I loved how I felt in it!  This year, I knew I wanted to make a big statement and I didn’t want to wear a dress with sequins.  Not that there is anything wrong with a sequined dress, but I figured I’d up the ante a bit and step out in something unexpected.

If you’re interested in this dress, it can be searched with product code 1542703. It’s called the ASOS DESIGN Luxe long sleeve cupped two tone mini dress. This dress cost $151.00 and is of high quality! Now I’m usually all up in their sale section but I knew that this was the dress for me! However, I will mention they do have a great selection of pieces on sale.

If you’re interested in this particular dress, the  link to this dress is posted here:


Beyoncé and Zerina Akers are a Style Match Chosen by Fate…

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter and Zerina Akers have changed the style game from 2017 until now. This perfect match is the reason we have recently been gawking at all of Beyonce’s recent outfits. The looks and moments that have been created have been nothing short but epic. Ms. Akers has been giving us silhouette, body, high fashion, and street chic realness with her style selections while Beyoncé strikes memorable poses for Instagram, bringing these looks to life. Let’s take a look at how this partnership has unfolded and evolved with a few of my favorite statement looks of the year.

Beyoncé in Cong Tri, styled by Zerina Rogers

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Beyoncé in Maria Escote, styled by Zerina Rogers

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Beyoncé in Sergio Hudson

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Beyoncé in Ena Gancio

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Beyoncé in Balmain

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Beyoncé in Balmain

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Zerina Akers has undoubtedly left her permanent mark in the styling industry with her more recent collaborations with Beyoncé, among other artists such as Chloe and Halle and Niecy Nash. Zerina nails her looks for her clients by simply choosing garments that work best for their body, while experimenting with silhouettes and pushing the envelope with unique pieces. While she has worked with a slew of world-renowned designers, Akers continuously breaks barriers and enlist the help of a number of black designers. This in itself makes Ms. Akers a serious force in the fashion world.

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This style collaboration keeps my eyes peeled for Beyoncé’s next Instagram post! To Zerina and Beyoncé, keep the looks and slayage coming for all of us to stan.