Stop buying full looks all at once! Shop for essential pieces and build your wardrobe.

6AB043D7-02EA-4500-A8F6-A5CD31477E6AFor so long, I struggled with finding outfits in a closet full of clothing. The issue was either I didn’t want to wear the exact same look again or I couldn’t pair items together that I already had.  My closet was a cluster of trendy clothing and shoes I had no use for.  I had to get rid of much of it and redirect my shopping habits. Learning to shop for items that I could mix and match, with what was available to me in my own closet, changed my life.

The first step it takes in revamping and building  your wardrobe is evaluating your personal style. Decide what essential pieces you  need and want in your wardrobe. My top essential  items include denim jeans and jackets, graphic tees, blazers, neutral skirts, leather jackets, solid dresses, basic tees and tanks, neutral color pumps, flats, sandals, and a few pair of athletic shoes. Your go to essentials should include clothing for all occasions.

Always try your selections on and make sure you feel confident wearing the essential items you pick out for yourself.  Decide what you like best based on the fit, silhouette, style, and material. Always think about how you can create multiple outfits with one item you purchase as you’re shopping. Here is an example of using an essential item to create multiple looks.  Three full looks were produced   with one slip tank.


Rebuilding your wardrobe after years of buying full looks all at once is a task that takes time and effort. However, the time and effort will definitely be worth it! Following these steps and sticking to these shopping habits will give you a closet full of options.


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