Upgrade Your White Button Down Shirt!

Hi statement makers! One item that is re-emerging as a trendy must-have this spring is the classic white button down collar shirt.  I adore this classic item because it’s so versatile, and there are a number of ways you can wear it. The white button down can be dressed up or down.

Here are 3 ways you can style a basic button down shirt.

Look 1:


Look 2:


Look 3: 98563F9E-5D6F-4B6C-AD69-6CDE4159E095

There are also variations of the white button down shirt that you could explore as well. The  button down shirt dress is one that is sophisticated, and can be styled as a sophisticated look with heels or more casual look with sneakers.  A “boyfriend” and white button down shirt that is oversized can be worn with skinny jeans and flats or even shorts and heels!


No matter how you decide to style your white button down, this is a chic and hassle free piece you can use to easily create fashionable looks.

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