Top 4 statement trends I want to stay for Fall 2018

We have those trends that run their course for a season and vanish forever or come back better than ever! My top  4 trends are ones  that I would like to see again in Fall 2018.

Waist belts

I remember waist belts being a hot commodity back in the early 2000’s and they were my go-to accessory during my high school years.  Recently, waist belts have returned to the fashion world with a bang. Designers have elevated waist belts from a gaudy accessory to a chic and tailored staple. Now that it’s 2018, waist belts have become the perfect finishing touch.

3fad4f40-e5dc-4f14-a390-0d6ad96dbc85.jpeg Image of “Crystal-embellished leather belt” by Mui Mui from
F2DC7A23-0CE3-42B2-825B-3F7555DC0DC3 Image of “Studded belt” by ALAÏA, from

Large statement earrings

Statement earrings were a hit trend this year. Whether it was a tassel, large hoop, or a combination of chunky jewels, the statement earring was  one of the top must have accessories. Statement earrings have evolved from a 1980’s inspired craze to a fashion must have in the last 2 years. Notable fashionistas have rocked statement earrings and it’s still a trending sought-after look. I love statement earrings because they can upgrade even the simplest ensembles.

86C2DD4F-A608-45A6-BFC9-033F2BD23748 Image of Glamorous “Beaded Statement Earrings “ from
84E62764-7684-4E94-BADB-BD55DCCDB3F1 Image of TLV “Chandelier Earrings “ from

Fancy Denim

Fanciful denim bottoms have officially dethroned skinny jeans.  From wide legs, flares, bell bottoms, skaters, and frilll hems, there have been  quite a  few  style variations of  denim jeans. Brands like Valentino and Frame have featured the trend in their collections.  I predict these trends will be ongoing this fall. 

7913DFF0-389B-4E0B-A7C1-86A302DE0E8F Image of Valentino “Rockstar crop pleated wide leg jeans” from
BF6571A6-F92F-4B7D-84E8-D03AC20BC677 Image of MSGM “Belted high rise wide leg jeans” from

Bold Red

Bold red entered 2018 with its allure and was the “pop color” to  add for a more edgier appeal.  While this striking hue is bold enough make a statement, it’s still a classic color. One could easily fuse some red pieces into their wardrobe. I’m hoping to see this color trend in the fall.

835AAAA1-2846-406D-A72C-C155AB983598 Image of MSGM “knotted faux gloss leather dress “ from
AECB3919-7999-415E-8717-A63F972D350A Image of Max Mara “Lilia belted-brushed Cashmere coat” from Net-a-porter

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