Top 4 statement trends I want to stay for Fall 2018

We have those trends that run their course for a season and vanish forever or come back better than ever! My top  4 trends are ones  that I would like to see again in Fall 2018.

Waist belts

I remember waist belts being a hot commodity back in the early 2000’s and they were my go-to accessory during my high school years.  Recently, waist belts have returned to the fashion world with a bang. Designers have elevated waist belts from a gaudy accessory to a chic and tailored staple. Now that it’s 2018, waist belts have become the perfect finishing touch.

Image of “Crystal-embellished leather belt” by Mui Mui from
Image of “Studded belt” by ALAÏA, from

Large statement earrings

Statement earrings were a hit trend this year. Whether it was a tassel, large hoop, or a combination of chunky jewels, the statement earring was  one of the top must have accessories. Statement earrings have evolved from a 1980’s inspired craze to a fashion must have in the last 2 years. Notable fashionistas have rocked statement earrings and it’s still a trending sought-after look. I love statement earrings because they can upgrade even the simplest ensembles.

Image of Glamorous “Beaded Statement Earrings “ from
Image of TLV “Chandelier Earrings “ from

Fancy Denim

Fanciful denim bottoms have officially dethroned skinny jeans.  From wide legs, flares, bell bottoms, skaters, and frilll hems, there have been  quite a  few  style variations of  denim jeans. Brands like Valentino and Frame have featured the trend in their collections.  I predict these trends will be ongoing this fall. 

Image of Valentino “Rockstar crop pleated wide leg jeans” from
Image of MSGM “Belted high rise wide leg jeans” from

Bold Red

Bold red entered 2018 with its allure and was the “pop color” to  add for a more edgier appeal.  While this striking hue is bold enough make a statement, it’s still a classic color. One could easily fuse some red pieces into their wardrobe. I’m hoping to see this color trend in the fall.

Image of MSGM “knotted faux gloss leather dress “ from
Image of Max Mara “Lilia belted-brushed Cashmere coat” from Net-a-porter






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