Layer Your Looks in Style for Fall and Winter.

Learn to innovate the art of layering with a few new techniques for this Fall and Winter


I’m not a fan of being cold AT ALL! I’m all for heavy layers that consists of sweaters, coats, thermals, socks, boots, and jackets.  I remember the days when my parents would chalk it up to pure stupidity when I would withstand cold temperatures for the sake of style and fashion.  These days, shivering just to wear my cute outfit doesn’t do it for me anymore. I need my layers! And I’ve learned the art of layering for the sake of style and warmth.

It can be difficult to bundle up and still be comfortable and fashionable but it’s possible. I’ll share with you some unconventional ways to layer so that you stay warm and remain stylish throughout the fall and winter.

Below I’ve provided some inspirational looks I’ve curated using the Shop Look app!

Layer up with heavier jackets, a skirt over jeans and a warm head piece. You could easily  add a stylish hat, scarf,  and gloves when low temperatures get extreme.


Pair your tunic or dress with pants or jeans and boots. Add a bustier to layer your tunic or dress for a modish touch.


Wear a fitted sweater dress under a loose fitting dress with boots. This alternative  layering technique is fashion gold. You can easily pair this look with a black overcoat or leather jacket.


Add a scarf and heavy long coat to any long sleeve midi bodycon dress. You can add more layers pairing this look with gloves and a wide brim hat.


Do a long sleeve jumpsuit with a waist belt with an oversized coat. You can’t go wrong.


Try a poncho adorned with a statement belt and jeans paired  with a tunic or long sleeve top. Ponchos and capes are great for colder temperatures when you don’t want to wear a coat.


A faux fur coat will always make you stand out and definitely keep you warm. Dress it up by mixing prints or keep it casual with jeans and a  pullover.


Here are a few simple tips to follow so you’re ready to layer!

•Make sure you have cold weather essentials in your closet.

•I recommend  you have 5-6 coats minimum, ranging from parkas to long over coats.

• Have minimum3 denim and 2-4 leather jackets ranging in style and neutrals.

•Be a collector or gloves, hats, and scarves.

•Rack up when cold weather accessories go on sale.

•Layer with basics like T-shirts,  thermals, and leggings.

•Wear statement socks or tights with your looks.

•Layer from thin to thick and fitted to loose.

I hope you find some of these tips and techniques helpful for this cold weather. Now go bundle up in style!

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