Dress It Up with Snake Print

Snake print is a hot ‘fashion do’ trend for this fall and winter. Versatile, edgy, and fashion forward, snake print is what you should be wearing this season.

In general, animal prints have had a strong year in fashion this season. One of the prints that took over the fashion world this year was snake print! Powerhouse fashion designers and fast fashion brands have included it in their 2018 collections and I must say, I’m somewhat obsessed. It has dethroned leopard print as the “go-to” print for us fashion girls and boys. Snake print is as equally quintessential as leopard. Whether you are wearing a snake print garment or fashion accessory, it’ll spice up your look!

I strongly suggest you pick a few snake print pieces for your closet. Accessories and shoes in this print are perfect for adding a “pop of print” to your look. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops with a snake print dress, trench coat, top, or pants! You will definitely stand out in a crowd and make the perfect statement with any look that involves this print. There’s no need to overthink how to rock the snake print trend. Below are a few inspirational looks curated by me to show you ways to wear  snake print.


Will you be trying out snake print this winter? Let me know! Comment below.

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