Make it Pop with a Statement Shoe!

Balenciaga Knife Velvet Sock Boots from

Statement shoes are an integral part of your closet. You always need a few shoes that can give your outfit an upgrade. Whether it’s a shoe choice with an accent color, print, or design, a bold shoe will bring your look to life with minimal effort.

Bronx Black Leather Heeled Western Boots from
Vagabond Katlin Sister Leather Pointed Loafer from

ASOS DESIGN wide fit Eliza Heeled Sock Boots in Snake Print from

The purpose of a statement shoe is to fuse your look together while accentuating your shoes. Pairing an intricate shoe with your outfit enhances your garments and gives your look distinctiveness. The statement shoes you wear become the focal point for your outfit and will certainly elevate your ensemble.

An elaborate shoe gives you a plethora of outfit options. Additionally, statement shoes allow you to effortlessly put your look together. Injecting statement shoes within your wardrobe is a great investment. Below you’ll see the same shoes and jeans used for 3 different looks with different tops.

A major benefit of owning a few statement shoes is that it makes selecting looks much easier. Your outfit does not have to include outrageous, larger than life, garments. You can literally rock a tee and jean combo paired with an exaggerated shoe, and your outfit will pop. Statement shoes make choosing an outfit less complicated.

Statement shoes are vital to your wardrobe. Not only do they add versatility, they simplify building your look. Step outside of your usual shoe choices and opt for a statement shoe. It’s okay to be a bit over the top every once in a while!

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