I Spy Split Two Tones

I am currently living for split two tones in fashion right now. This interesting spin on color blocking has evolved to new heights in the fashion world. I sort of want this trend to stick around. Are we keeping it or trashing it?

The two tone trend has slowly emerged into a high fashion statement. More recently, I’ve seen this trend used in a few high fashion brand collections. It hasn’t quite reached the masses in terms of favorability but I am completely here for it. Split two tones are indeed an anomaly in fashion but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the trend this year in the upcoming seasons.

Now let’s just take a moment to talk about this coat that Gucci Mane wore a few days ago. This is a statement piece! This is a moment! It fuses two completely different styles together into one magnificent piece of outerwear and it worked.

Photo of artist Gucci Mane via Gucci Mane, @laflare1017

Another moment was created when Fashion Editor, Sherry Shen, wore a gorgeous split two tone coat during Milan Fashion Week. The coat she wore combined a green snake print with what appears to be a dark hunter green.

Photo of Fashion Editor, Sherry Shen via @Streetrends, photography by Christian Vierig from @thestyleograph

The split two tone trend can serve as a major statement for our own personal looks. These ankle boots from ASOS would pair perfectly with simple a black body con dress and a leather jacket.

Public Desire Hyper Two Tone Snake Ankle Boots, $63 from ASOS.com

This split color block bodysuit from ASOS would pair perfectly with a pair of jeans, as shown below. It’s a very simple yet stylish statement look.

ASOS Design Long Sleeve Twist Front Body in Color block, $48 from ASOS.com

Personally, I vote that we keep the trend for a little while longer for two reasons: I am all for an unconventional trend that can be elevated and it’s a simply a high fashion statement. Sherry Shen and Gucci Mane proved it.

Block Color Faux Suede Mini Skirt $29.90 from Zara.com

Tell me what you think. Should we keep the split two tone for seasons to come? Sound off in the comments below!

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