Fashion Brand Spotlight…

Image from the Collections by T. Dish Instagram

Collections by T. Dish by Tiera Dishmon is on the move to give you on trend accessories for the fashion savvy enthusiasts. Locally owned in her hometown, Memphis, Tennessee, Dishmon’s boutique is a mobile and online jewelry/accessory bar that offers a full range of statement accessories.

Other services include Bridal accessory consultations that gives future brides and her bridesmaids glamorous accessory options and trinkets. She also offers the option to design your own custom necklaces. The core of her brand is personalization while providing accessory “collectors” with bold and stylish pieces. This is no ordinary accessory brand!

Sedrick Askew, Impact Life (Photographer) Tiera Dishmon, Owner of Collections by T. Dish

Collections by T.Dish began 3 years ago when the entrepreneur decided that she no longer wanted to be restricted by a corporate world. Her need for creative freedom led to her visualizing her brand and owning her own business. With the combination of her business acumen and fashion sense, she’s been able to deliver ultrachic style accessories that no fashion lover can deny.

Image from Collections by T. Dish Instagram

We can expect a lot more for the Spring and Summer seasons, as Tiera prepares to launch her brand’s new campaign. From swim and bridal services, to more bold accessories, we will be getting plenty of eye-catching must have statement pieces this year.

Those in the Memphis area, she’s mobile so you can catch ‘Collections’ at your local pop-up shop or special event. You can also shop online at Get your style collection started today!

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