From Work to Happy Hour…

There are times after the long work day when you may be invited to grab a cocktail with friends or colleagues. This post-work camaraderie is a time you get to let your hair down and enjoy the company of your peers and other working professionals. You may find yourself wanting to go home to and change out of your frumpy work clothes for activities after work. With work clothes that can transition from day to evening, the hassle of having to go home to change your attire becomes nonexistent. Here are six stylish looks that can take you from your corporate cubicle to happy hour.

A formal jumpsuit and blazer is an ideal outfit choice that you can wear to work and out for drinks. Choose a jumpsuit that accentuates your figure and pair it with a blazer to complete your look. This outfit will carry you throughout the day and to the bar later.

Pair a sleeveless bow tie blouse with printed trousers and a blazer. You can either keep your blazer on or swap your blazer out for a light leather jacket for evening plans. I recommend keeping a stylish jacket with you for quick wardrobe changes after work.

A printed midi skirt and solid color top is a haute combination you can wear to work and after the office. Incorporate a little color and subtle prints for a look that is both professional and stylish. Depending on your company’s dress code, you could add a blazer to this look for a more formal outfit.

Pair straight leg pants with a blouse and blazer with a peplum. You can incorporate a print like polka dots or stripes to take your look to the next level. This entire outfit can easily transition from work to after hour activities. If you have plans with your co-workers, you won’t need to go home and change with this look.

Invest in a formal midi dress for work! It’s not inappropriate for the office and it’s a good transitional garment for happy hour later. Opt for a dress with with a jewel, square, or bateau neckline. I suggest getting a sheath dress that falls slightly below the knee. You’ll remain professional for work and you’ll be readily prepared for the evening ahead.

A tailored two piece suit is the classic work wear outfit. Suits are incredibly versatile, chic, and work appropriate. Tailored suits can be worn causally or formally, making them the ultimate ensemble for post-work play. I recommend sticking with neutral and cool tones when wearing a suit on the job.

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