Vacation Ready: Style Inspiration for Your Island Getaway

It’s that time of year where many of us will be preparing for spring and summer vacations we’ve booked months in advance. Embarking on a journey to an exotic destination or cruise around the islands is always exciting! Your plane tickets are purchased and your rooms are booked. Now you’re ready to pack but you’re not sure what you’re going to wear during your stay. You need a little inspiration to get you started.

Below are a 10 inspirational looks that’ll take you to paradise in style!

Airport travel clothes should always be your most comfortable clothing. When traveling to the Caribbean, what you wear should capture the essence of your destination. I mean you’re traveling to paradise! Depending on your arrival, you may want to get drinks at the resort’s bar or do a little site seeing. You don’t want to be in sweats on your first day! Live in the moment with your outfit. Pair wide leg pants, a t-shirt or blouse, denim jacket, and flat shoes for a cute and casual outfit.

Pairing a cute pair of shorts and a blouse is obligatory when traveling to the islands. Complete your look with statement earrings and accessories along with some cute flat sandals or a heeled mule. (You can definitely stick with flats!) These are the perfect day time looks during your vacation stay.

Pair a printed skirt with a solid strapless blouse and flats for a comfortable, form flattering look. Both functional and fashionable, a crop top and midi or maxi skirt combination is a great outfit option for your trip. Don’t be afraid of color, either! Mix and match all the colors and patterns.

Unconventional swimsuits in a variety or prints are in this year so it’s perfectly okay to take your swimwear to the next level. Elevate your swimwear with a unique silhouette and distinctive print. Nothing says ‘tropical’ like mixed patterns and ruffles. Complete your swimwear looks with an oversized floppy hat, summer beach bag, and sandals.

Your after hour dinner look should be a festive one for the occasion. Bold, colorful dresses and accessories are a must! While you can opt for whatever colors you choose, adding a pop of color to your look will allow you to have some fun with your more formal outfit. Complete your look with a tassel earring and statement clutch.

Your look on the way back from your vacation can be a little more relaxed. The vacation is over so you can certainly opt for sweats. A white tee, blue jeans, and sneakers with minimal accessories will work for your plane ride home as well.

One additional tip from me to you is to have an idea of your plans before you get to your destination. Have an itinerary!! (If you’re on a cruise, you choose your own itinerary prior to your trip.) It’s important to have an itinerary so you can plan your looks accordingly. It always helps me to know the activities before I select my outfits.

You’re all set to live it up in on a tropical adventure in style. Don’t forget your sunscreen and lip balm! Feel free to draw some inspiration from these looks and create your own variations. Sound off in the comments and tell me which looks are your favorite!

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