Fashion Brand Spotlight…

Hey Statement Makers! I want to take a moment to shed some light on a locally owned online boutique you should know, AJ’s Luxe Wear. Operated and owned by entrepreneur, Ambernique Johnson, her boutique offers a vast range of of luxe pieces giving you fashion that looks and feels good. Johnson works to provide her “Luxe Babes” with a top tier online shopping experience that will keep you wanting more! And you’ll certainly want more of what AJ’s Luxe Wear has to offer.

Heavenly Maxi Dress ($55) from

Johnson began her online boutique, AJ’s Luxe Wear, in January of 2017. She drew inspiration from her love of style and fashion magazines like Ebony and Jet as a child. This fueled her desire to create her own interpretation of what feel good fashion is in comparison to main stream media. While working to receive her MBA and raising her now 4 year old daughter, she decided to jumpstart her very own boutique.

While her brand is an extension of her personal style, she works to create classic looks that fit anyone’s style. Her pieces range from casual wear to occasion wear making AJ’s Luxe Wear truly a one stop shop! Whether you’re on the run to grab a few items or you’re stepping out for a night on the town, you can find something stylish that makes a statement at this boutique.

Rose Water and Ivy Pleated Maxi Dres ($60) from
Rose and Ivy Maxi Dress ($60) from

AJ’s Luxe Wear has much more in store for you for the Spring and Summer season this year! Johnson plans to keep her collection “light and chic” while giving us a few statement pieces that’ll give us stylish summer night looks. It’s going to be all about keeping it sexy and feminine while ensuring us style and comfort! Beyond that, Ambernique Johnson plans to eventually open up a small brick and mortar location in the next few years! I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for what AJ’s Luxe Wear has in store!

Malia Citrus Jumpsuit ($55) from

You like these fabulous pieces you’ve seen in this post? I know I’m a fan! Shop AJ’s Luxe Wear here at!

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