Cotton Candy Dream- Tulle and Pastels

I fell in love with this color block tiered tulle dress from ASOS the moment I saw it. From the color combination of pastels to it’s layered tulle, this dress stands out in the crowd. Talk about a statement piece! I lucked up because it was on sale for $33 and of course I love a good sale. (My favorite past time is to browse through ASOS sale items). I had to have this piece in my wardrobe.

I originally wanted this dress for an event earlier in the year but it was completely sold out. After checking back a few weeks later, there it was. My cotton candy dream dress was there for me. It was fate!

I wanted to create a look with popping hues that was unique and stylish. Elevating my layering was key to piecing my outfit together. I layered this dress over a yellow sheer organza pussy bow top and yellow silk heels. Pairing statement pieces that can be worn interchangeably is an innovative way to mix and match your pieces and create new looks out of what you already own.

ASOS Design Tiered Mini Dress in Color Block Tulle ( $33.00) from

One Above Another Oversized Pussy Bow Blouse in Sheer Organza ($40) from

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