Six Stylish Looks Inspired by Brandy and Monica’s Classic Songs and Music Videos

Brandy and Monica fans everywhere (like myself) are anxiously anticipating the ultimate Verzuz battle royale happening today, August 31st, 2020. Each of these R&B/pop queens held their own during their prime and gave us hit after hit in the 90’s and 00’s. Along with classic songs, they gave us memorable music videos with worthy stylish looks to match. As their music evolved with each decade, so did their fashion sense. Both Brandy and Monica rocked looks to match their distinctive styles.

To celebrate the two divas, I reimagined six looks inspired by my favorite songs and videos from the singers. This is my interpretation of what outfits these ladies would be wearing in these videos had these songs been released today. Check out each of the looks below!

Inspiration: So Gone

Monica’s hit So Gone was the inspiration for this look. What says you’re completely over a toxic relationship more than stiletto boots, cut offs, and a Louis Vuitton bag!

Inspiration: Street Symphony

Street Symphony was video production that gave us glamour and street style. I thought a feather trim spaghetti strap top and skirt set would be the perfect recreation for the music video.

This look was inspired by Monica’s music video, First Night. This one shoulder top with khaki trousers and heels is reminiscent of the dance sequence where she and her back up dancer wore all wore white tops and khaki bottoms.

Inspiration:Sitting up in My Room

Brandy gave us look after look after look in the music video Sitting Up In My Room. Her leopard print number inspired this style recreation of her 90’s hit.

Inspiration: Full Moon

Brandy’s single, Full Moon, was a sultry single that inspired this outfit. I imagine that this structured cut-out tank top and maxi skirt would be fitting for the vibe of the song.

Inspiration: Talk About Our Love

The final look was inspired by Brandy’s first look in the music video Talk About Our Love. In the first scene, you see Brandy strutting in a beautiful multi printed midi dress, dangle statement earrings, and heels. I can definitely see this look for a video and song in 2020.

Sound off in the comments and let me know if you think these looks would actually work for these music videos if they were produced in 2020! Also, which queen are you rocking with for this epic Verzuz Battle?

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