Heeeeeeyyyy Ms. Carter and Ms. Akers! Beyoncé and Zerina Akers are a Style Match Chosen by Fate…

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter and Zerina Akers have changed the style game from 2017 until now. This perfect match is the reason we have recently been gawking at all of Beyonce’s recent outfits. The looks and moments that have been created have been nothing short but epic. Ms. Akers has been giving us silouhette, body, high fashion, and street chic realness with her style selections while Beyoncé strikes memorable poses for Instagram, bringing these looks to life. Let’s take a look at how this partnership has unfolded and evolved with a few of my favorite statement looks of the year.

Beyoncé in Cong Tri, styled by Zerina Rogers

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Beyoncé in Maria Escote, styled by Zerina Rogers

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Beyoncé in Sergio Hudson

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Beyoncé in Ena Gancio

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Beyoncé in Balmain

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Beyoncé in Baimain

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Beyoncé in Yousef A Jasmin

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Beyoncé in Christopher Kane

Beyoncé. [Photo of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter]. Instagram, published October 10, 2019.
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Each of these looks accentuate Beyoncé’s figure and aim to make a bold statement. It’s as if each look is strategically pieced together to match her mood. Zerina has created significant style moments that we will remember for years to come! I mean this collaboration has kept Beyoncé’s foot on our necks! This was that season for Mrs. Carter for sure.

Zerina Akers has undoubtedly left her permanent mark in the styling industry with her more recent collaborations with Beyoncé, among other artists such as Chloe and Halle and Niecy Nash. Zerina nails her looks for her clients by simply choosing garments that work best for their body, while experimenting with silhouettes and pushing the envelope with unique pieces. While she has worked with a slew of world-renowned designers, Akers continuously breaks barriers and enlist the help of a number of black designers. This in itself makes Ms. Akers a serious force in the fashion world.

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This style collaboration keeps my eyes peeled for Beyoncé’s next Instagram post! To Zerina and Beyoncé, keep the looks and slayage coming for all of us to stan.

Fashion Brand Spotlight…

Image from the Collections by T. Dish Instagram

Collections by T. Dish by Tiera Dishmon is on the move to give you on trend accessories for the fashion savvy enthusiasts. Locally owned in her hometown, Memphis, Tennessee, Dishmon’s boutique is a mobile and online jewelry/accessory bar that offers a full range of statement accessories.

Other services include Bridal accessory consultations that gives future brides and her bridesmaids glamorous accessory options and trinkets. She also offers the option to design your own custom necklaces. The core of her brand is personalization while providing accessory “collectors” with bold and stylish pieces. This is no ordinary accessory brand!

Sedrick Askew, Impact Life (Photographer) Tiera Dishmon, Owner of Collections by T. Dish

Collections by T.Dish began 3 years ago when the entrepreneur decided that she no longer wanted to be restricted by a corporate world. Her need for creative freedom led to her visualizing her brand and owning her own business. With the combination of her business acumen and fashion sense, she’s been able to deliver ultrachic style accessories that no fashion lover can deny.

Image from Collections by T. Dish Instagram

We can expect a lot more for the Spring and Summer seasons, as Tiera prepares to launch her brand’s new campaign. From swim and bridal services, to more bold accessories, we will be getting plenty of eye-catching must have statement pieces this year.

Those in the Memphis area, she’s mobile so you can catch ‘Collections’ at your local pop-up shop or special event. You can also shop online at https://www.collectionsbytdish.com. Get your style collection started today!

Weekend Brunch Vibes: Style Inspo

It’s finally the weekend! Now is the time to get together with your friends and do what we girlfriends do best. Brunch! For the record, brunch is an escape from the monotony of work and life’s everyday responsibilities. It’s a time when us working professionals get a chance to be free, feel fancy, and look fabulous.

In honor of one of my favorite past times, I’ve created four stylish looks that you can wear on your next brunch date with your girlfriends (or beau). These are simple looks you can recreate yourself. Note that these outfits can be worn with flats if you don’t want to wear heels. With these inspirational outfits and style tips, you’ll be able to effortlessly get ready for brunch in style.

An oversized button down blouse and jeans is such a classic, simple outfit. You can’t go wrong with this look. Pair your top and jeans with a pair of hoops, heels, flats, or sneakers.

Add some dimension to your look with a statement dress, chunky heels, and statement bag. This stylish outfit choice isn’t too understated nor too flashy for a brunch date.

Pair a flounce blouse with a pair of skinny jeans and you’ll have a casual look with a heaping side of chic sophistication. Add statement earrings and a pair of pumps or pointed toe flats and you’re good to go.

I suggest we all invest in a printed maxi dress! Its the ultimate hassle free garment. You can pair a dress like this with flat sandals and a pair of hoops and be on your way!

*All of the looks above were created with the style app, Shoplook.

Fashion Wishlist Spring 2019

So it’s that time again to give you guys my Spring 2019 style wishlist! This year it’s all about the ultrachic accessory, neutral tones, pastels, and bright hues. These are pieces that I personally want to have in my closet from some of my favorite online retailers !

ASOS DESIGN beaded grab bag, $48 from ASOS.com

This beaded designed beauty is such a striking statement bag. The use of a vibrant orange beads that are perfectly sewn onto a pink crochet patterned bag is a unique creation. It’s the perfect spring accessory that can easily transition to the summer.

Long Rustic Jumpsuit, $69 from Zara.com

This halter jumpsuit fits right into this season’s head to to neutral trends that I’ve been seeing lately. This piece features a chic front bow, wide pant legs, and pockets! This is where comfort meets posh.

Rena Square Toe Mules, $115 from Topshop.com

The elevation of the mule has been a beautiful one for the past few years. The square detail of the sole and in addition to these being lime and leather make these all the more fabulous . I need these in my collection!

Cat Eye Sunglasses, $29.99 from Mango.com

Although these cat-eye acetate frames come in five different colors, the mint blue frame has stolen my heart. I would wear these with everything!

‘Gabri’ Pink Tailored Blazer, $179 and ‘Christie’ Pink Crepe Tailored Trousers, $135 from HouseofCB.com

We’re suited up for Spring 2019 and I am still currently living for tailored suits for women. This bubblegum pink suit from House of CB is one fit for a girl boss. The cut and tailoring of both the blazer and trousers seem to accentuate your figure in all the right places. Pink suit me, please!

Mid blue Snaffle Trim Denim Skirt, $70 from Riverisland.com

As you know, I’m a sucker for statement details. I mean this mini denim skirt comes with a gold snaffle trim! It also aline which means room and comfort. This would be perfect for a casual look.

Tote Handbag with Fold-over clutch, $21.99 from Target.com

This is two in one bag is super cute and super affordable! It comes in black also but I prefer this pastel blue one. The ‘clear’ trend is obviously one that didn’t stay in 2016 but evolved to newer heights that I can appreciate it. This bag is one of them.

Colorful Crocheted Dress, $89.90 from Zara.com

Crocheted, geometric patterned, form fitting midi dresses were made for me. This is the ultimate statement spring and summer dress. From the bright hues to the craftsmanship of the the crochet, this dress is everything.

ASOS DESIGN Free Spirit Embellished Slides, $40 from ASOS.com

I’m all for comfort and style! These red flat slides with ruffles and embellished details are a gift.

Moon River Polkdot blouse, $62 and shorts, $69 from shopbop.com

Moon river created a caramel and cream dream with this blouse and top matching set. It features tan polkadots and a front tie belt on the shorts. The top, which has a sweetheart neck line and puffy short sleeves, is what I was sold on. This a Solange-esque look would be clutch for the spring and summer months.

This concludes my 2019 Spring fashion wishlist! Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think of these stylish picks.